What are the benefits of Reiki?

Healing always creates some change, so it always works at some level.

You may experience…

Relief from physical symptoms

Increased energy levels

Improved sleep

Less stress

More harmony in you life

Reiki has helped some of my clients by dramatically reducing their blood pressure, back to normal levels.

Successfully beating their depression without the need for medication. Reducing anxiety  and aiding restful sleep.

Relieving arthritic pain, relieving headaches, aiding normal thyroid function, weight loss and relief from addiction.

What happens during a treatment?


   Depending on the session booked, the healing session

   will  last between 30 - 60 minutes.

   The client will be fully clothed, laying or seated 

   comfortably in a peaceful environment with soothing

   music playing. 

   My hands will be laid on or near the recipient in

   various areas.


   Reiki may be felt as a flow of energy through the body. 

   Some people describe experiencing energy as an

   increased  warmth or coolness, mild tingling, some see

   colours, lots feel very relaxed and just a few experience 

   other sensations or nothing at all.


    Whatever the individuals  experience, the general 

    beneficial effect of treatment is the same, with the

    recipient receiving the correct amount of energy for 

    them, bringing about the necessary changes and

    restoring balance within.

Price List


  1 hr  treatment        £30

  45 minutes                £28  (only available as a follow up session)

  Children   under   12                                  £20

  Teens  13 to 17                                             £28                                      


Home visits available to those who cannot get to me, but an additional charge will  be made for fuel and time, according to distance.


  Animals                                  From £20

  For their ease will usually be seen on a home 

  visit and timings will vary depending on need.

  Please ensure your vet knows about your 

  animals health problems and is happy for 

  them to receive healing.


  Reiki Work shops and Attunements                  From £65

  Courses to learn Reiki are run throughout the

  year both as individual and group workshops. 

  Groups are small, friendly and informal.

  Costs include manuals, all handouts, certificate and

  ongoing support.




  10% Discount when buying a block of 5 Sessions 


  Gift vouchers available


  I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association


Learning Reiki Yourself

Reiki workshops and attunements are held regularly and on request. Private Individual teaching starts at £165  for level 1 and goes up to £185 for Masters level.

Group workshops are informal, fun with a maximum number of 6 people attending so everyone gets individual time.

See the "Whats On' page for dates, or contact me to arrange private attunement.

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