Positive Mental Health


In these recent years, we are all becoming more aware of our mental health being as important as our physical health and indeed, how the two interact.

Everyone has experience Stress, Anxiety or Depression at some point in their lives. For many it is thankfully a short lived experience, but for others it can be a longer term, debilitating problem that affects everyday lives and prevents them having a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

I can offer a variety of ways that can help as well as Massage, Reflexology and Reiki all of which are proven to be beneficial to our complete wellbeing, I can also offer ...

Pain Management

Living with pain can have a damaging affect on our mental health. 

As a qualified pain management practitioner, There are many different ways I can help you to manage your pain. We can look at Breathwork, CBT, NLP, Diet & Nutrition, Histamine intolerance, Pacing or activity management, mindfulness & Meditation.

The aim of pain management is to ...

Reduce the impact the pain has on your daily life.

Learn skills to cope with your pain.

Improve Physical and Emotional functioning.

Reduce pain and the reliance on pain medication.

Sleep consultantancy.

As a qualified sleep consutant,  I can offer you help to improve your sleep.

Insomnia can be a tempory problem due to life circumstances at that time, or can be a cronic problem you are experiencing.

We can look at areas in your life that could be causing problems with falling asleep, getting back to sleep or staying asleep, and devise a personal plan to improve your quality of sleep.


I offer Mindfulness sessions tailored to you.  Learn techniques to help you focus on the present moment, relax your mind, letting worries go and become more positive. 

90 minute initial consultation, plan / techniques                                           £50

1 hour initial or follow up  session,  basic plan / simple techniques          £38

45 minute follow up sessions                                                                              £30

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