It is the art of accessing the energy that helps you recognise the happiness that is already in your life and helps you to silence your mind, calm your nerves and examine your inner world.

What is Mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment in every moment, without judging the experiences.

'If you are always rushing to the next moment, What happens to the one you are in?' Anonomous

We tend to live very busy lives in todays society. Most people either text friends, check their social media pages or are thinking about the next activity on the agenda. We tend to be doing something, even in the middle of doing nothing!

Mindfulness is about taking the time to actually look around us, listen, taste and feel the moment we are in. 

Neuroscience is increasingly supporting the idea that mindfulness and meditation help to enhance perception, awareness and complex thinking.

It is a universal principle that applies equally to business executives, sports teams and housewives/house husbands.

What are the benefits of Practising Mindfulness?


Resilience to stress is one of the key benefits of mindfulness, but other benefits associated with Mindfulness and Mindful meditation are:


Reduction in hypertension and anxiety

Improved quality of sleep

Better mental clarity, memory and focus

Improved immune function

Improved skin health

Anti-ageing effects

Improved creativity and decision-making ability

Promotes a compassionate and loving approach

Price List


  Individual consultation, Mindful Meditation                      

  and exercises.                                               £38   

  Follow up half hour sessions                     £20



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